April 4, 2018 – Priest For Profit – Pr. Sonny Shimaoka

“Now the man Micah had a shrine and he made an ephod and some idols and installed one of his sons as his priest. In those days Israel had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.” (Judges 17:5-6 NIV)

Israel had fallen completely into the worship of false gods, gross sexual immorality and bickering among themselves. Sound familiar? Israel was supposed to be the shining example for how to live in spiritual harmony with God.

Whenever she tried to get right with God it wasn’t so that they could get truly right with Him. It was like doing what God wanted only so that they could get what they wanted. It was more of a “selfish obedience” than it was out of genuine love for the Father.

Another issue was when they tried to honor God, they did it in a way that suited them. Jesus said that His people wander foolishly because they have no one to shepherd them! This guy Micah ends up hiring his own personal priest with the thought that God will be good to him and bless him.

What gets me is that the priest goes along with it and accepts his offer. By the way, he just happens to be his son. It shows that Israel had sunk so far away from godly behavior that even the Levites had compromised their call and served as priests for profit!

The application is obvious for me. I must live my life in such a way that models what the Lord sees fit. I don’t want to be accused of living my life without the leading of the Holy Spirit. The only profit that I get out this relationship is eternal life. This is enough for me. My message must always include that we have a King worthy to be followed. His Name is Jesus!!

Heavenly Father thank You for providing examples in the book of Judges that guides me in making godly choices. Holy Spirit lead me in such a way that I live that fits Your will for me. In Jesus Name…