2/7/2018 – I Didn’t Mean It – Pr. Sonny Shimaoka

If a person thoughtlessly takes an oath to do anything, whether good or evil (in any matter one might carelessly swear about) even though they are unaware of it, but then they learn of it and realize their guilt – when anyone becomes aware that they are guilty in any of these matters, they must confess in what way they have sinned. As a penalty for the sin they have committed, they must bring to the Lord a female lamb or goat from the flock as a sin offering, and the priest shall make atonement for them for their sin. (Leviticus 5:4-6 NIV)

It’s interesting to note that the sin offering was intended for those who committed a sin without realizing it or in the case where a sin was done out of weakness or negligence. The sin offering was not used or given for those who intentionally act out of rebellion. There have been times when I have committed to things that I had no intention of doing. There have also been times when I made promises to do something and then realized how dumb I was to make the promise.

I’m reminded again that it’s important to maintain a credible witness so I must either follow through and keep my word or be honest enough to confess when I made a foolish promise and then ask for forgiveness. Jesus said that we need to let our “yes be yes” and our “no be no.” That’s good advice. Whenever I hear people who swear on their mother’s grave or make some other ridiculous oath I get suspicious. I want my word to be enough! A practice that I have adopted over the years is what I call “confession on the run!” This means that I don’t take any chances when it comes to sin in my life. I daily confess to the Lord, my sins both knowing and unknowing. It also is accompanied by a sincere attitude of repentance smothered with a thankful heart for His sacrifice on the Cross for the forgiveness of my sins.

Heavenly Father thank you for sending Jesus to save me from myself. Thank You Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit who helps me to stay disciplined in a daily practice of confession of my sins and the grace to know that I’m forgiven…In Jesus Name