November 24, 2017 – Greatest in the Kingdom – Pr. Lori Nagaoka

4 Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 18:4

Our human nature often drives us toward wanting to be #1. Whether it is in a work position, a social situation, or even in ministry, in our humanness, we seem to contend with a desire to see ourselves at the optimal position, “Numero Uno”. These five verses that start off Matthew Chapter 18, Jesus makes it very clear that in His Kingdom the greatest must become like children: humble, fully trusting and dependent upon their parents, thinking upon others before oneself.

Being in a leadership position can be such a tremendous blessing but can also be such a terrible weight especially in the service for the Kingdom of God when we are dependent upon our own drive and not upon Holy Spirit’s leading and God’s strength. This passage of scripture really portrays a beautiful picture of how I need to stay on the path that brings the Kingdom of God into all that I do. I must continually repent of “adulting” in my flesh and become like a simple child in lead-ing people to Jesus. Little children are not ambitious, little children are not boast-ful & usually give way to others, little children are not malicious nor vindictive, and most importantly, little children are in complete dependence of their parents.

Jesus, I am so grateful for Your Word. I live for You and want to please You. Help me O God to turn away from ambition, pride, selfishness, and self-dependence. I desire to be your little daughter, Abba. Thank you for always leading me to Your Truth, Daddy God.