10/24/17 – God’s Amazing Grace – Pr. Noleen Mendes

“Now I’m turning you over to God, our marvelous God whose gracious Word can make you into what he wants you to be and give you everything you could possibly need in this community of holy friends.  – Acts 20:32(MSG)

Being that Paul himself had the privilege of experiencing God’s AMAZING GRACE, he was now able to encourage others. God is able to do the impossible, just as He did with Paul, when he changed him from a persecutor of Christians to a powerhouse of a preacher for the Cross. God not only changed him but brought him into a new family of believing friends!

There’s so many times, over the years, that I’ve looked back on my life and thanked God that I’m still here today. I led a reckless life as a young adult that sometimes, I would wake up in the morning and not even know where I was. It’s only by the AMAZING GRACE of God that I survived those years, only for Him to pursue me, capture my heart, and take me from a rebel to a righteous daughter of the King! I will often say if God was able to change me, He can for sure change anyone!

The last 32 years has been the greatest years of my life, serving God among the best people I know!! Like the apostle Paul, who faced terrible times, I’ve also had my share of terrible times as well. But I’ve grown a lot from them and have walked through them with some pretty amazing Christ-following friends. Today, literally, they are still walking with me, praying for me and my son! My life has been all the more richer because of their blessed love and commitment. I am so grateful to Jesus, my Savior, for His AMAZING GRACE upon me that there are no adequate words to express it except to share it with those who need a reason to believe.

Father God, I am always grateful to You for my life. I shouldn’t be living today but you kept me alive for one reason only: to share Christ and what He’s done for me, to be a shining light to those who need Jesus.  Holy Spirit, please continue to lead me to those who need to hear my particular story, that  it may encourage them to follow Christ. In Jesus Precious Name…Amen!