2/16/2018 – God Remembers – Pr. Lori Nagaoka

“On the other hand, if they confess their sins and the sins of their ancestors, their treacherous betrayal, the defiance that set off my defiance that sent them off into enemy lands; if by some chance they soften their hard hearts and make amends for their sin, I’ll remember my covenant with Jacob, I’ll remember my covenant with Isaac, and, yes, I’ll remember my covenant with Abraham. And I’ll remember the land. – Leviticus 26:40-42 (MSG)

In the original translation of verse 40 the word “trespass” is used instead of defiance. Interestingly, the Hebrew definition of “trespass” in this verse has to do with personal infliction. God sees the breaking of this covenant as personal. God sees this defiant sin as personally offensive to Him! But how beautiful and loving our God is that when we seek His forgiveness from our hearts that He will remember the good covenants that He has made with us within His Word.

These two verses hold so much within them. God remembers the sins of our forefathers when they rejected God,  turned to other gods, and turned away from God’s statutes. However, God no longer holds on to that betrayal of Him or His laws when the now generation makes a true heart repentance to God. We, in this generation, have the opportunity to confess the sins of our own plus the sins of our forefathers in rejecting God & His laws. When we do these in true heart earnest repentance, God remembers His Covenants to us as His children and remembers the land that we dwell upon…His true Creative and Original design for the land.

Father, thank you for the grace and mercy and forgiveness that You extend to us and our forefathers when our hearts our truly repentant. God, I do acknowledge, that You are so Jealous for us. You desire that we wholeheartedly follow You and follow Your statutes. Today, I confess my need for You! I Love you, Abba. I desire You and Your ways.