1.1.2019 – He Makes All Things Beautiful and Useable – Pastor Noleen

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and
the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. – Genesis 1:2

I love that the beginning of the greatest story of all time starts off with a solid character trait of God: that he’s a hovering God. He was there, before the creation of earth, hanging out, when it all was just a ball of nothingness. Everything was mixed together until our Creator Father started moving things around to create something not only beautiful but usable.

In our most confusing and dark moments, where life just doesn’t make sense, where we don’t know the top from the bottom and the end from the beginning, we can trust that the Spirit of God is hovering over us. He’s waiting to create something new in our lives, not just so we live beautiful lives but we live usable lives. After coming through 2018 and watching God move in our lives during some tough moments, my faith has been strengthened to move into 2019. Ups and downs are sure to come but knowing that the Spirit of God hovers over me brings peace that no matter what is happening, I am confident that He’s creating something new in me to make me usable for Kingdom purposes.

Holy Spirit, thank you for creating the “me” that I am today! It certainly didn’t come without some growing pains of change but it was necessary to bring me to this place. Lord Jesus, when I am not as usable as I could be, help me to recognize the opportunities to mold me and shape me to be what you need me to be. Lead me and teach me what I still need to learn to get to where you’re taking me so I can be used to make a godly difference in people’s lives. In Jesus Name…Amen!