1/19/2018 – Do You Really Know the Master? – Pr. Lori Nagaoka

20 “Another came before the king and said, ‘Master, here is the money you entrusted to me. I hid it for safekeeping. 21 You see, I live in fear of you, for everyone knows you are a strict master and impossible to please. You push us for a high return on all that you own, and you always want to gain from someone else’s efforts.’ – Luke 19:20-21 (TPT)

This section of Luke 19 tells us about 10 servants getting monies from their master and being told to put that money to work. We read about the specific actions of three of these servants. Interestingly, the Scripture tells us that the Master was not liked by all his people. When we read this, it seems to justify the servant in verses 20-21 reply. So then the question arises, “why do the other two servants step out to do what the Master says, if the Master is strict, unlikeable, and hard to please?”

I really love the picture that we are presented with through this parable! Two things are highlighted to me through this story. One: fear will never get us to our destiny and will cause us to hold back from God rather than run toward His plans, His promises, and His purpose. Secondly, this parable clearly points that our faith walk cannot be based purely on our feelings or what we think our Master is like. In truly KNOWING Je-sus, we discover & learn that even when times are hard and it may feel like God is ab-sent and when we think He is not “there” that He Always is there and available to us through the beauty of His Word and by Holy Spirit’s presence. When we really Know our Master, we trust that all that He says to do is always meant for our good.

Lord, Master, Savior, You are so very Good to us. Forgive, God, when I choose fear over trust & faith in You. I am so grateful that I Know the Greatness of Your love and sacrifice for me. You paid too big of a price for me to not trust You. I love you Jesus with all my heart!