October 20, 2017 – The Beginning & The End – Pr. Lori Nagaoka

“Inquire, please, of past generations,
And consider and apply yourself to the things searched out by their fathers.
“For we are only of yesterday and know nothing,
Because our days on earth are [like] a shadow [just a breath or a vapor]. 
“Will they (the fathers) not teach you and tell you,
And utter words from their hearts [the deepest part of their nature]? – Job 8:8-10

Bildad, one of Job’s friends, tries to advise Job with these words. Bildad suggests to Job that he ought to seek out and look to answers from ancients and from wise people of times in the past.  Bildad points out to Job that their days are limited. He also advises that Job ought to let the ancients teach & reveal their experiences to him.

At first glance, this seems like very wise advice from Bildad.  Growing up here in Hawaii, we have always had a huge respect for our elders.  Because our culture here has Eastern influences, we have often looked to ancient tales, myths, and cultural practices to assure us of who we are or define reasons for our daily life. Fast forward to my spiritual walk today, I realize that we cannot forsake the past generations wisdoms and experiences.  But we must not let those past generations experiences dictate our future. We must allow ONLY Jesus to be the Author and the Finisher of our Faith-walk. Honoring what those before us did & experienced is important to give us context of all that God wants to restore & revitalize in our lives now. God’s original design must be what we seek out in looking to ancient wisdoms. His Plan was always for an intimate & sanctified relationship between me and Him. He is My Abba & My Lord.

Dear Jesus, You were at the beginning of time and You will be at the end of time. Thank you that we can learn from You and seek out Your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.  Thank You, O God, that even the most unknown things You will reveal to us: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3.